Cash Poker Game: Limit vs No Limit


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Playing cash poker can be confusing by itself.  For new players, it can be a whirlwind of frustration.  Many factors are dealt into each hand.  Winning the game can often depend on luck.   However, consistent win streaks by players who make a living with poker, know that luck runs out eventually.  Therefore, players that win consistently, have planned those wins.

Poker is actually the name for several variations of card games.  The constant being the ranking of winning hands.  In other words, a straight flush will always beat 4 aces, no matter if playing 5 card draw, stud, holdem, etc.

When seeking cash games, players should stick with 1 or 2 variations.  Bankroll management must be applied.  Dedication, persistence, and many hands will determine your success.  Playing live games or online poker is also different.  Most definitely, online players will see more hands compared to live games.  An example is online averages 80-100 hands dealt per hour at one table.  Online players can have several tables going at the same time.

Many live casinos offer holdem cash games.  Several casinos do not offer no limit, as an option.  $3/6 or $2/10 may be common, especially at smaller facilities.  These types of games can be difficult to earn, for the simple fact: it’s hard to get opponents to fold, because the pot grows fast, and not that expensive to stay in or chase the river.

What could have been a strong hand on the flop… like a straight… can be expensive.  As you bet, the opponent calls.  On the river comes the flush.  You spent money each round, just to lose it on the last card.

My rule of thumb… I either fold or raise.  I stick with no limit holdem.  I never leave the table until I’m ahead financially.  My bankroll allows me to sit all day if necessary.  However, I usually find a few hours playing satisfactory.  Often, a player’s ego is their demise.  Do not be embarrassed to play smaller stakes.  Many advantages to playing those tables, online or live.  I’m not going to give away all my secrets, because I may be sitting across from you at the table.  :p  Good luck!


Sports Betting Tips


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The Gambling Pro is pleased to announce the addition of Sports to our website.  The page offers free information, (sometimes called tips or picks) on upcoming sporting events.  The program has been in testing for a short time now.  In mid-October, TGP started releasing the information to the general public.  Tips are updated on a daily basis and highlight popular sports worldwide.  Only the best information gathered is offered.  view The Gambling Pro Sports.

It is important to declare, that our website does not support illegal activity.  Sports betting is a complicated business.  The information we offer is strictly to benefit the reader.  Whatever the reader does with the information, is by their choice.  The Gambling Pro website claims no responsibility for any actions taken by the reader.  Consider it entertainment.

Now that we have made the above statement… the success rate of our sports picks has been very good.  Not all information published received betting action, but the sports tips have done very well.  Score cards and other details are updated, as we go.  Tips are not provided just to fill an empty space, the game was chosen for a reason.  This makes our information more accurate than most celebrated sports handicappers.  Keep in mind that nobody should claim 100% accuracy… but let’s say TGP can compete with some of the best.  Check it out for yourself.  Be the most popular person at the office, or win the Sunday football pool amongst friends.

More Poker and Politics



The Gambling Pro website receives various information from several sources.  Occasionally, we like to share a few things with our readers.  This subject is being battered to death, so we are not going to spend much time with discussion.  The video below has a few interesting tidbits.  The US is flexing their muscle yet again.  To argue whether poker is a game of skill or luck is simply ridiculous.  In doing so, the US is keeping legitimate companies in a multi-billion dollar industry on a string like puppets.  Let’s be sure to tell our legislators that the people run things, not the politicians.

Another note, TGP website will become more involved in the near future.  We are also “on hold” due to these stupid gaming issues.

Gambling in Nevada or New Jersey


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The United States opened the door to a tremendous opportunity this year, since online poker was authorized in Nevada and New Jersey.  Unable to rely on lawmakers at the federal level, these states took matters into their own hands and got the job done.  Americans now have a choice.  More states are looking at poker or online gambling to fill state budgets, which have been empty for some time.

With all the controversy about online gambling, how can a serious player maneuver in this industry?  Additionally, who can the average entertainment seeker, trust to not steal their money?  Examining the games allowed in Nevada and New Jersey, reveal some important facts that should be considered by citizens and future lawmakers.  There are big differences in opportunity for the states and the players.

Nevada is poker only.  To play online you must be within the state border, and of legal age.  Simply drive to the nearest coffee shop with your laptop.  Ultimate Poker, the first US authorized card room, has registered players from all 50 states and 28 countries.

New Jersey is open to almost every form of gambling.  All games or wagers accepted at land based casinos, will be offered online.  Operations are expected to be running by late November.

The anticipated revenue generated by the states, has yet to be realized.  In my opinion, estimates are small compared to what it will be.  Case in point: New jersey has about 9 million residents.  Located within a ten minute drive are 8 million residents in NYC and 1 million residents in Philadelphia.